Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment is one of the ways to acquire exceptional  citizenship granted to foreigners. However, a foreigner’s investment in Turkey is not enough to directly grant him/her citizenship. This investment must meet certain conditions and a suitable application must be made with the necessary documents.


In 2022, multiple changes were made in the conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship, which was regulated in detail in the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law. You can find more detailed information on the conditions for obtaining citizenship and the application procedure in our article titled “Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment”, which has been updated according to the latest changes. Since granting citizenship is a very sensitive issue, the evaluation process is also very careful and in case of deficiencies in the application, irreversible results may occur and the process may take longer. In order to prevent loss of rights in citizenship acquisition and to ensure that applications are concluded faster, our experienced legal department carries out the entire process on your behalf and provides all kinds of consultancy services in this context.

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Edel Property Team