Residency in Turkey

Residence permit is a document issued by the competent authorities for a certain period of time to foreigners who want to stay longer in Turkey at the end of visa or visa exemption, and there are varieties in terms of both duration and applicants. Application requirements and application processes vary for each residence permit. Due to the developments in the world in recent years and the opportunities Turkey offers in the field of residence permits, applications for residency in Turkey are increasing every year. For this reason, the authorities examining the applications are more careful in the evaluation of both the conditions and the documents.


Types of residence permits that can be applied in Turkey; short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, long-term residence permit and humanitarian residence permit. You can find more detailed information about the scope and conditions of these residence permits in our article titled “Residence Permit in Turkey”. It is very important to get help from experienced and expert people before the application in order to prevent the loss of rights that may occur in the process of obtaining a residence permit. With years of experience in the field of foreigners law, our law firm provides professional support to applicants at every stage of residence permit applications.

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