Real Estate Purchase by Foreign Legal Entities in Turkey

According to Turkish law, it is not possible for foreign legal entities to purchase real estate as a general rule. However, exceptionally, commercial companies can acquire real estate in the presence of certain conditions. Commercial companies established in accordance with the laws of foreign countries can acquire real estate and limited real rights only within the framework of the provisions of special laws. Companies with foreign capital, established according to Turkish laws, can acquire real estate by paying attention to certain issues.


It is very important for foreign legal entities who want to acquire real estate in Turkey to receive both investment consultancy and legal support, as many issues need to be considered in this process. In order to avoid any loss of rights, transactions must be carried out by persons who are experienced in this field and have sufficient legal knowledge. Our team provides all kinds of consultancy services that you may need during the real estate purchase process with its long years of experience in investment consultancy and foreigners law in Turkey. You can find more detailed information on this subject in our article Real Estate Acquisition by Foreign Legal Entities in Turkey

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