Company Establishment Consultancy

Due to the many opportunities it offers, Turkey is a country that is heavily preferred by natural and legal persons who want to invest abroad. Although there are many conveniences provided to foreign investors, there are many important issues to be considered while making an investment and during the company establishment process. The most important legal regulation regarding foreign investors is the Foreign Direct Investors Law No. 4875 and the regulation on the implementation of this law. In this law; the principles of freedom of investment, encouragement of foreign investors and equal treatment were taken as basis, and various assurances were given to foreign investors. In addition, there are issues that foreign investors should consider in their activities in Turkey in the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Code of Obligations and the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners. In accordance with the principle of equality on which the law no. 4875 is based, foreigners can establish all types of companies that can be established by Turks in Turkey. However, in some areas such as insurance and banking, there is a pre-approval requirement.


You can find answers to your questions about the types of companies that can be established in Turkey, their features, establishment procedure and necessary documents in our article titled “How to Establish a Company in Turkey”. It should be emphasized that although there are various facilities provided to foreigners, the company establishment process is a very complex process that includes many legal details and documents, and should be followed carefully by experts. It is very important to get consultancy from professional and experienced lawyers in order to determine the need, make the appropriate choices and advance the transactions. Otherwise, it is inevitable to face much bigger and more costly problems both during the establishment phase and afterwards. With its years of experience in the field, Edel Property Legal Unit provides consultancy to foreigners in the fields of investment and company establishment in Turkey, and carries out the entire process in the least cost and time.

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